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I grant permission to Cyrage for contacting me

“Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow.”
—Robert Kiyosaki





We conduct seminars and seminars across India FREE and PAID


We organize summer training programs in different IT courses in different locations. Check out here


We are ready to deliver training of professional courses in your college/Institute Campus. 


We are providing online self study video tutorials in multiple professional courses online with life time access.


We are offering Online interactive session for multiple courses, It method resolved student’s doubts on the spot.


We offer distance learning kit (Video Tutorial + E-book/Hard-copy book + Software’s) for different courses.



Now a Days, Summer Training is an compulsory part of any technical course for example B.Tech. MCA, BCA, M.Sc. IT, B.Sc. IT etc. So get ready for summer training, if you are pursuing any technical course. We are happy to start SUMMER TRAINING PROGRAM and help students for getting trained in professional courses. 

Today, technology and methodologies are changing very fast and the competition is growing as per before. Summer Training are important because this is the best way for getting skilled and clear your concept about your respective filed.



Ethical Hacking Basics

Student will learn about basic attacks performed by hackers and its security. This course is knowledge oriented, and student can build their career in cyber security industry. The major key points are hiding data, protecting data with encryption, password cracking, email, facebook, Instagram and others social sites hacking, wireless hacking etc. More than 100 attacks, 50 labs and 5 projects will be covered.

Course Name : Ethical Hacking A to Z Beginner.
Course Duration: 90 Hours!
Pre-Requisite : Basic Understanding about Computer, Networking and Servers.

  1. Fundamental of Hacking
    • Daily Cyber activity by us
    • Cyber Crime Scenario.
    • What is Hacking?
    • Types of Hacker
    • Why Hacking? Is Hacking legal?
    • Career in Ethical Hacking
  2. Home base LAB setup
    • Physical LAB vs Virtual LAB
    • Concept of virtualization technology
    • Need & Advantage Of Virtualization
    • Requirements for virtualization
    • Creating virtual machines and optimization performance
    • Installing OS (Windows and Linux) On Virtual Machines
      • Install Kali linux on Virtual environment.
      • Install Windows on Virtual Environment
      • Most Vulnerable – Metasploitable 2 Linux
    • Virtual networking what and why?
  3. Information Gathering
    • Use Search Engine to gather information
    • Social sites has important information about target
    • Get information from website.
      • Internal and External domains
      • Location ( Geo logical information )
      • Extract website information using tools
    • Information gathering tools
      • Whois
      • Host
      • Dig
      • Maltego
      • Recon-ng
    • Working methodology of Google
    • How Google is useful for Hackers
    • What is Google hacking exactly
    • What are google operators and how work?
    • Working concept for google operators
    • Some useful google operators
    • Google hacking operators Hub – Google Hacking DATABASE
  2. Network Scanning
    • Scanning network for Active Host – Ping and Ping sweep
    • Deep understanding about services and ports
    • TCP/IP communication Flags
    • Detecting Open ports
    • Detecting Active Service
      • Banner Grabbing
      • Fingerprinting
      • OS Detection
  1. Windows Hacking & Security (Win 7, 8, 8.1 and 10)
    • Introduction to Windows Security
    • Security features Windows 7 VS Windows 10
    • User Accounts Security, Attacks and countermeasure
    • What are the ways hackers get into system
    • Finding Out the Passwords Of Windows
    • Bypassing the Windows Security
    • Services, Port and Protocol Security and configuration.
    • Setting Up A Secure System
  2. Linux System Security and Attacks.
    • Setup Virtual machine with Latest Linux OS (Ubuntu)
    • Linux user and password management
    • Single user mode – attack on Normal/root user password
    • Implement security against “Edit grub boot loader” Protect with Encrypted password.
  3. Hacker’s techniques against Password Cracking
    • What are login credential and where are saved?
    • Different methods used for password cracking
      • Most Easy way to cracking password.
      • Dictionary attack
        • Get ready for dictionary attack
        • Create your own dictionary
        • Working methodology of dictionary attack
      • Rule based Dictionary Attack
      • Brute Force attack – 100% Success ratio
      • Pre computed hashes save your time
    • Collect password with key logger
    • Password attack against ZIP/RAR or other office documents
  4. Protect your Data against Hacker’s Eyes
    • Steganography is most used techniques for hiding data
      • Basic understand of steganography concept.
      • Hacker’s hide a malicious code in another file with Alternate data stream in NTFS
      • Hide data into Image, Audio and Video by using tools
      • Find hidden data in files – Steganolysis
    • Encryption is best method to protect your DATA
    • VIRUS
      • Basic understanding of VIRUS
      • VIRUS has life, know about stages
      • Indication of virus Infection of Computer
      • Common ways to infect your computer by virus
      • How hackers distribute viruses on Web
      • Types of Virus
      • Batch programming is used to create virus – know about concept
      • Creating viruses by using some software
    • What is WORMS
      • Overview of Malware Analysis
    • Countermeasure of Virus & Works
  6. Goal of Security Researcher against Hacker
    • Understanding concept of Honey POT
    • Basics of Honey POT
    • Honey POT categories
    • What is proxy?
    • Purpose of PROXY
    • PROXY Liabilities
    • Types of PROXY
    • Different ways to use proxy
      • Browsers
      • Bounce your IP like a pro hacker
      • Proxy switcher on Socket layer
    • Proxy can be detected
  8. VPN
    • What is more secure than proxy? VPN
    • What is VPN
    • Basic understanding about different VPN with Examples
    • VPN tunneling
    • Some FREE VPN and tools
    • TOR Browser – Working concept
  9. Hacking of Human Mind – Social Engineering
    • What is social Engineering
    • Cause of Social Engineering
    • Main Factors for Social engineering
    • Why is social engineering so success?
    • Types of social engineering
      • Human based Social engineering
      • Computer based Social engineering
      • Mobile based social engineering
  1. Hacker’s strategy against social sites
    • Reality behind hacking of social sites
    • Advanced phishing attacks, can’t recognize easily by users
  2. Wireless Hacking
    • Wireless Standards
    • Common Vulnerabilities in Wireless Devices
    • Encryption Standards Used in Wi-Fi
    • WEP Cracking
    • WPA/WPA2 Cracking
    • WPS Cracking
    • Countermeasures

No Special Offer or Discount for this Course. 

You may get special offer on the spot registration 

Now days marketing has been switched to digital from traditional. So Each and every company is looking for Digital Marketer and paying them high salary. But this is new trend, and students are not aware with it. The Objective of this program to train students and make them self dependent digital marketer. After completing course you will be able to know how does person make millions of dollar by online marketing. What strategies are used by search engines for displaying advertisement online. So join the course and get ready to be perfect digital marketer.

Course Name : Digital Marketing for Beginners.
Course Duration: 90 Hours!
Pre-Requisite : Basic Understanding about Computer, Internet etc.

  1. Overview of Digital Marketing?

    1. Overview of Marketing
    2. What is digital marketing?
    3. Why Digital Marketing is Better than Traditional Marketing?
    4. Deep Understanding about digital Marketing Processes.

    Creating Website WordPress blog/ Free Blogger

    1. Overview of Internet
    2. Deep discussion on Domain Name, Web Hosting and Web Server.
    3. Types of Website.
    4. Know to process “How to buy Domain Name and Hosting Services.”
    5. Process to make website online with Adding domain name and Website.
    6. Setting up WordPress Website.
    7. Chose and add Theme and give new look to your Website.
    8. Role of plugins in WordPress Site and how to add those.
    9. Adding Web Pages and Content.

    Search Engine Optimization For your Content

    1. What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    2. What are Search Engines and how do they work?
    3. Function of Google Search Engine and It’s Indexing Processes.
    4. Role of Keywords in Search Engine.
    5. What are keywords? How to find good Keyword for your business.
    6. Google Keyword Planner Tool.
    7. Deep understanding about Long Tail keyword.
    8. On Page Optimization
      1. Keyword optimization
      2. Internal Linking
      3. Using Google webmaster tool to track your traffic and Search analytic.
      4. Website verification for Webmaster tool
      5. Role of Sitemap for Google bot (Crawler)
      6. Write an optimized content.
    9. Off Page Optimization (Link building)
      1. DA (Domain Authority)
      2. What are backlinks and types
      3. What is link building and its types.
      4. Better link building will give you better result

    Blogging and Adsense

    1. Develop a blogger Website or Free blog
    2. Write your First post.
    3. Keep in mind Before start Writing Articles
    4. Promote your Site:
      1. Search Engine Optimize (Free)
      2. Social Media Optimization (Free)
      3. Google Paid Service (Paid)
    5. Monetize your Website with Google Adsense
      1. What is adsense?
      2. How to get approved for adsense?
      3. Cool trick to get adsense approval by Google
      4. Using your adsense account interface
      5. Placing ads on your blog
      6. Get Earning direct in your Bank Account

    Start making money with Youtube – Video Marketing

    1. Overview of Youtube monetization
    2. Create a channel
    3. Upload your first Video
    4. Optimize Videos for Search Engine and Human
      1. Title with good Keyword
      2. Description
      3. Keywords
      4. Role of Caption in SEO
    5. Youtube Dashboard Working
      1. Analytics
      2. Traffic Source Analyze
    6. Monetize Your Videos
    7. Link google Adsense for Getting money direct in Bank Account.

    Start Making money online with the help of Affiliate Marketing

    1. Overview of Affiliate Marketing.
    2. How people make millions of dollar in Affiliate marketing.

No Special Offer or Discount for this Course. 

You may get special offer on the spot registration 

Web Designing with HTML5 & CSS3

Website is an identity of any organization. Without a website companies are similar to a shop without address. Now you can understand the importance and demand of website designer in the market. Our Web Designing with HTML5 & CSS3 program make you a perfect web designer. So join the course and get ready to be perfect Website Designer.

Course Name : Web Designing with HTML5 & CSS3.
Course Duration: 90 Hours!
Pre-Requisite : Basic Understanding about Computer, Internet etc.


    Basic of HTML

    1. HTML Introduction
    2. HTML Editors
    3. HTML Basics Examples
    4. HTML Elements
    5. HTML Attributes
    6. HTML Headings
    7. HTML Paragraphs
    8. HTML Styles
    9. HTML Formatting
    10. HTML Quotations
    11. HTML Comments
    12. HTML Colours
    13. HTML CSS
    14. HTML Links
    15. HTML Images
    16. HTML Tables
    17. HTML Lists
    18. HTML Blocks
    19. HTML Classes
    20. HTML Iframs
    21. HTML JavaScript
    22. HTML File Paths
    23. HTML Head
    24. HTML Layout
    25. HTML Responsive
    26. HTML Computer Code
    27. HTML Entities
    28. HTML Symbols
    29. HTML Charset
    30. HTML URL Encode
    31. HTML XHTML

    Designing of FORMS using HTML

    1. HTML forms
    2. HTML form Elements
    3. HTML Input types
    4. HTML Input Attributes

    Know about HTML5

    1. HTML5 Introduction
    2. HTML5 Support
    3. HTML5 New Elements
    4. HTML5 Migration
    5. HTML5 Style Guide

    Use GRAPHICs in HTML5

    1. HTML Canvas
    2. HTML SVG
    3. HTML Google Maps

    Working with Media in HTML

    1. HTML Media
    2. HTML Video
    3. HTML Audio
    4. HTML Plug-ins
    5. HTML YouTube

    Integrate APIs by using HTML

    1. HTML Geolocation
    2. HTML Drag/Drop
    3. HTML Web Storage
    4. HTML Web Workers
    5. HTML SSE

    CSS Tutorial content

    1. CSS Introduction
    2. CSS Syntax
    3. CSS How to
    4. CSS Colors
    5. CSS Backgrounts
    6. CSS Borders
    7. CSS Mragins
    8. CSS Padding
    9. CSS Hight/Width
    10. CSS Box Model
    11. CSS Outline
    12. CSS Text
    13. CSS Fonts
    14. CSS Icons
    15. CSS Links
    16. CSS Lists
    17. CSS Tables
    18. CSS Display
    19. CSS Max-Width
    20. CSS Position
    21. CSS Overflow
    22. CSS Float
    23. CSS Inline-block
    24. CSS Align
    25. CSS Combinatiors
    26. CSS Pseudo-calss
    27. CSS Pseudo-element
    28. CSS Opacity
    29. CSS Navigation Bar
    30. CSS Dropdowns
    31. CSS Tooltips
    32. CSS Image Gallery
    33. CSS Image Sprites
    34. CSS Attr Selectors
    35. CSS Forms
    36. CSS Counters
    37. CSS Website Layout

    CSS3 Tutorial

    1. CSS3 Introduction
    2. CSS3 rounded corners
    3. CSS3 Border Images
    4. CSS3 Backgrounds
    5. CSS3 Colors
    6. CSS3 Gradients
    7. CSS3 Shadows
    8. CSS3 Text
    9. CSS3 Fonts
    10. CSS3 2D Transforms
    11. CSS3 3D Transforms
    12. CSS3 Transitions
    13. CSS3 Animations
    14. CSS3 Images
    15. CSS3 Object-fit
    16. CSS3 Buttons
    17. CSS3 Pagination
    18. CSS3 Multiple Columns
    19. CSS3 User Interface
    20. CSS3 Box Sizing
    21. CSS3 Flexbox
    22. CSS3 Media Queries
    23. CSS3 MQ Examples

    CSS Responsive

    1. RWD Introduction
    2. RWD Viewport
    3. RWD Grid View
    4. RWD Media Queries
    5. RWD Images
    6. RWD Videos
    7. RWD Frameworks
    8. RWD Templates

No Special Offer or Discount for this Course. 

You may get special offer on the spot registration 

Web Development With PHP & MYSQL

PHP language is used for creating dynamic website, for example E-Commerce sites.  Now a days selling products are going to be online. So dynamic web developer are most demanded in market. After completing this course you will be able to join any development company for job, OR you can start your own agency. Become free lancing website developer is another career opportunity. So join the course and get ready to be perfect Website Developer.

Course Name : Web Development with PHP & MYSQL.
Course Duration: 90 Hours!
Pre-Requisite :

  1. HTML & CSS
  2. JavaScript
  3. Basic Understanding about Computer, Internet etc.
  1. Introduction to PHP

    1. PHP Architecture and what you can do with it
    2. Getting ready to to develop
    3. Hands-on installing PHP & MYSQL by using XAMP/WAMP server
    4. The built in PHP test web server
    5. Popular php code editors

    Syntax fundamentals of PHP Language

    1. Language Syntax
    2. Variables, print data & Data Types
    3. PHP strings and Constants
    4. Standards: The PSRs (PHP Standards Recommendations)

    Data-driven functionality

    1. Operators
    2. HTTP Request / Response cycle
    3. Control Structures (Switch)
    4. If, Else, If-Else
    5. While, Do-while
    6. For loops
    7. Functions
    8. Superglobals

    Forms and User Input

    1. Form Handling
    2. Form Validation
    3. Form Required
    4. Form URL/Email
    5. Form Complete

    Built-in functions

    1. Strings & Strings Manipulations
    2. Arrays
    3. Iterating
    4. Array Indexing
    5. Array Content

    PHP Advanced

    1. Arrays Multi
    2. Date and Time
    3. Include
    4. File Handling
    5. File Open/Read
    6. File Create/Write
    7. File Upload
    8. Sessions, Cookies and Authentication
      1. Authenticating against a database
      2. Password hashing and security
      3. Working with sessions
      4. Persisting authentication with Cookies
    9. Filters
    10. filters Advanced
    11. PHP Exception Handling
      1. Creating a custom exception handler
      2. Terminating Statements
      3. Reporting

    Connecting to MYSQL Databases

    1. MYSQL Overview of Database
    2. MYSQL connecting database
    3. MYSQL Create Database
    4. MYSQL Create Table
    5. MYSQL Insert Data
    6. MYSQL Get Last ID
    7. MYSQL Insert Multiple
    8. MYSQL Prepared
    9. MYSQL Select Data
    10. MYSQL Delete Data
    11. MYSQL Updated Data
    12. MYSQL Limit Data

    PHP and XML

    1. XML Parsers
    2. SimpleXML Parser
    3. SimpleXML – Get
    4. XML Expat
    5. XML DOM

    PHP – AJAX

    1. AJAX Introduction
    2. AJAX PHP
    3. AJAX Database
    4. AJAX XML
    5. AJAX Live Search
    6. AJAX RSS Reader
    7. AJAX Poll

No Special Offer or Discount for this Course. 

You may get special offer on the spot registration 

WordPress CMS - Build Professional Website

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system based on PHP and MySQL. If you want to design and develop a professional website without coding, then wordpress is best platform. . So join the course and get ready to be perfect Website Designer and developer.

Course Name : WordPress CMS – Build Professional Website.
Course Duration: 60 Hours!
Pre-Requisite : Basic Understanding about Computer, Internet etc.

  1. Introduction about WordPress

    1. What is wordpress? Its objective?
    2. or ? what is best for you?
    3. Why WordPress is better than other Content management system
    4. Know basics about websites.

    Getting started with WordPress

    1. Install required tools on your computer.
    2. Understanding about web server and web hosting.
    3. Basic Understanding about Databases.
    4. Working with phpmyadmin to manage Databases.
    5. Manage User and its privilege with phpmyadmin console panel.
    6. Familiar with FTP server.
      1. Overview of FTP server.
      2. Configure user accounts for FTP server
      3. Using FTP client – Filezilla (Windows based)
      4. Working with files and folders through ftp client. Uploading, downloading & deleting file.
    7. Installation of wordpress for Your Website.
      1. Download wordpress
      2. Upload wordpress files on Web Server
      3. Check requirements for wordpress installation
      4. Install wordpress
    8. Getting familiar with wordpress Dashboard.
    9. Understand WordPress Settings
      1. General settings
      2. Writing settings
      3. Reading settings
      4. Discussion settings
      5. Media settings
      6. Permalink Settings
      7. Plugin Settings

    Working with WordPress themes

    1. Overview of WordPress theme.
    2. Free and premium theme
    3. Choosing best theme for your project (Professional website).
    4. Customization  theme and give desired look for your website.
    5. Manage Widgets:
      1. Overview of Widgets
      2. Overview of sidebar
      3. Adding, removing and Customizing Widgets in Sidebar.
      4. Preview of your sidebar.
    6. Manage Menus:
      1. Creating New menu
      2. Adding, editing and deleting Menu option and sub-options in Menu.
      3. Manage location for created menu.
      4. Edit and delete available menu.

    Working wordpress Dashboard

    1. Working Website pages
      1. Add page
      2. Save to draft/ publish page
      3. Edit page
      4. Delete page
    2. Working with wordpress posts:
      1. Add, edit and preview new post
      2. Publish post.
    3. Post categories:
      1. Add New Category
      2. Edit, Quick Edit, Delete and View categories
      3. Manage Categories
    4. WordPress tags:
      1. Understanding role to tags:
      2. Add new TAG
      3. Edit, Quick Edit, Delete and View tag
      4. Adding new tag at time of writing post
    5. Manage media:
      1. Overview of Media Library
      2. Add new media in library
      3. Edit and delete media from library
      4. Manage attributes of Media
    6. Manage Users and its Role
      1. Understanding about user’s role.
      2. Add New users
      3. Edit and Delete existing user
      4. Change profile picture
      5. Generate and update password  
      6. Update personal profile
    7. Add, edit, and moderate comment

    Working with wordpress plugin

    1. Overview of wordpress plugin
    2. Important Role of wordpress plugin
    3. Add new Plugins
      1. Install plugin direct from wordpress installation panel
      2. Download & Upload new plugin
      3. Activate plugin
      4. Change setting of Plugin
    4. Activate, deactivate and Delete installed plugin.
    5. Important and Required plugin for your website.

    Overview of other important tools within WordPress.

    1. Import /Export tool
    2. Editor

    Learn Advanced about wordpress website

    1. Protect your website with unknown spamming
    2. Increase security of wordpress site and protect from getting hacked
    3. Optimization website for fast speed.
    4. Optimization website for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    5. Reset password (How to reset password if you forgot)
    6. Full backup and Restore Website

    Migrate Local website on online server:

    1. Buy domain and Web hosting from reliable server.
    2. Export database from local computer
    3. Edit database and make it online familiar
    4. Create database on Web hosting server.
    5. Import local database on your website
    6. Upload Site data on Web hosting server
      1. By control panel
      2. By FTP filezilla
    7. Test your live website.  

No Special Offer or Discount for this Course. 

You may get special offer on the spot registration 

I grant permission to Cyrage for contacting me

Summer Training Highlights


Participant will get certificate of completion Training 

Placement Drive

Lifetime Free access of placement drive in Noida, Utter Pradesh 

Full Support

Get lifetime support by experts through forum free  

Expert Trainer

Content will be delivered by experienced and expert trainers 


Participant will get updated and new information direct in inbox.

Study Material 

Lifetime access of study material like E-book, Videos, etc.  

Who can attend Summer Training?


Students with a management or engineering background 

Career Seeker

Individuals / beginners seeking career opportunities in the IT domain

Marketing Professionals

Marketing professionals who use digital marketing to meet their objectives


 Who want to use digital media to improve their business performance

Self Employed

Who want to work from home and seeking opportunities to earn money online

10+ / 12+ Students

Students who want to start shaping future career in IT / Marketing


Thanks for showing interest in our Summer Training program. We have two mode for registration offline / online / On call. You can register after visiting local office. More detail Call or whatsapp at +919999818411 / +919999778951  

Currently we are running only face to face training mode. Soon we will available for online training. 

We will available in Dhampur and Bijnor in 2018. Address will be announce in first week of April 2018.

Yes, You can register more than one course. You can save your time and learn multiple technology at same time.

Workshops are conducting to help students for building better future. because many students are not aware about new technologies in ruler areas. 

We have updated about upcoming events at our website. but we figured out you can’t visit website everyday. So we have started newsletter service. You subscribe it free of cost.

We provide career guidance free of cost. When we talk about teaching some technical stuff, We use to hire experienced technical person. So this type of workshop are paid. But we also have good offers for school/college/university workshops   Know more..

We are running open placement drive so anyone can join it free of cost.

You can participate in placement drive multiple time, but you cant appeared in same company for same technologies before six months.  

You will be updated with upcoming placement drive, so you can come and get better opportunities. 

After completing course you will be provided access of our forum, where experts are waiting for you.

Yes, We have free courses for those who cant join our program. 

  1. Free Ethical hacking course
  2. Linux Tutorial for Beginners 
  3. WordPress Tutorial Free

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